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We're bringing Animeme to the Web3 universe!

With a 10-year track record, 10 million fans and over 3 billion video views; we’re proud to announce that Animeme Studios will be entering the Web3 space! Animeme Labs is an NFT-powered studio that will revolutionize the way cartoons are produced and celebrated!

Let's GO!!

What is Animeme Labs?

Animeme Labs is the first true community-driven, NFT-powered animation studio revolutionizing the way cartoons are produced and celebrated! We want to bridge the gap between Web 2 content, Web 3 experiences, and traditional Hollywood to create a better experience for animation fans and our community. Our team has a proven track record in original content and viral animation with 10-years of success, 10 million fans, and over 3 billion video views.


Our NFT model gives our community a chance to guide the direction of an entire animation studio! Starting with our Studio Genesis collection; holders will be able to get exclusive benefits, but even more importantly they are empowered to vote on what we create, animate, offer for community rewards, and much more! 


This allows us to give back to our community like never before, and makes you part of the Animeme Labs team! You will help choose what pilots get made, vote on characters,  merch ideas, live events, and even have chances to get included in the animations! Animeme Labs’ goal is to be a truly fan-powered studio that you can be a part of.

How does it work?

Details here.

Animeme: The Channel

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Web 3 Unhinged

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YOU Decide!

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The Launch Animations

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